Pathway Supply LP

Who Are We?
File Hills Qu'Appelle Developments Ltd (FHQD) and Northstar Capital Ltd (Northstar) have
once again partnered to create Pathway Supply LP (Pathway). These two parties have
created other successful partnerships like TOPA Contracting, a newly thriving Indigenous
owned contracting business in the Saskatchewan commercial and mining sectors. The
Pathway partnership comes in the form of the acquisition of The Safety Warehouse 911
(TSW911) based out of Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Pathway will continue the TSW legacy of
providing customers a quality and dependable service, with a new focus on becoming the
prominent Saskatchewan industrial & commercial supplier to Nations, government, &
private establishments.
We are the premier Indigenous-owned supply company providing government, industry
and business with personal protective equipment, consumables, tooling, and more.
Pathway has strong connections to government, agriculture, mining, crown corporations
and other sectors across Saskatchewan and Western Canada. In recent years, government
and Saskatchewan businesses have begun investing heavily in diversity and inclusion
policy and programs. As an Indigenous-owned company, we are built on this foundation &
designed to help companies support reconciliation through their supply chain. By
engaging with Pathway Supply, customers can meet their purchasing goals with no risk or
interruption to their day-to-day operations.

More AboutPathway Supply LP

Why Pathway?  Big enough to matter, small enough to care. In recent years, the development of online  services has allowed many supply businesses to downsize their infrastructure. This  infrastructure has been replaced by fancy websites and large distribution centers claiming to  be more efficient and provide cost savings to the end user. The truth is that clients have not  seen a reduction in pricing or simplified logistics and when things are not right been left with  little to no customer support. Pathway believes that our relationships with our clients need  to be personal, providing them with support when they need it most. Our staff is committed  to building meaningful relationships with the clients they serve.  Pathway Supply LP carries everything you need to maintain a productive and safe workplace.  Currently, Pathway Supply has over 3500 inventoried items with access to many more.

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Head Office

1120 Weaver Street
Regina, Saskatchewan   S4N 5X7

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Peter Poshtar
(306) 721-4662 • (306) 520-7168
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Commercial Hub - Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers

All Other Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers Industrial Machinery, Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers

Commercial Hub - Personal and Household Goods Merchant Wholesalers

Footwear Merchant Wholesalers

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Mining & Manufacturing - Clothing Manufacturing

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Mining & Manufacturing - Mining

Cleaning Solvents Cleaning Supplies/Janitorial Products Cleaning Supplies/Janitorial Products Clothing Equipment - Safety Equipment - Safety Equipment, Industrial Fans - Ventilation - Supply General Mechanical - Supply General Supplies Hardware Hardware Industrial - Supply Industrial Machinery - Supply Instrumentation - Supply Lockers Maintenance Maintenance Medical Supplies Personal Protective Equipment Personal Protective Equipment & General Supplies Respiratory protection