Xtended Hydraulics & Machine Inc.

XTENDED Hydraulics and Machine was started in 2013 by the Tebb family. Our shop is located in Emerald Park, SK. Priding themselves in quality work and sustainability through environmental, social and corporate governance.

We are a 100% Indigenous, privately owned business that specializes in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, repair, and custom machining. We employ a staff that is made of approximately fifty percent of employees of Indigenous descent, who we assist in on the job training and professional development. Our cylinders and machined products have been adapted and developed to be used in the harshest conditions within the mining, utilities, and oil & gas industries.

We understand that hydraulic cylinders play a significant part in the industrial sector’s overall budget. At XTENDED Hydraulics & Machine we stand by the quality of our products, we have the knowledge to significantly improve a products overall quality and durability. Every cylinder is manufactured to withstand the harshest environments and are made to surpass the longevity of what is currently available in the market today.

More AboutXtended Hydraulics & Machine Inc.


• Hydraulic cylinder manufacturing

• Hydraulic cylinder rebuilding & repairs

• Hydraulic systems testing

• Cylinder tube honing

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing & Rebuilding

XTENDED Hydraulics & Machine in Southern Saskatchewan specializes in complete custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, custom cylinder component machining, and hydraulic cylinder rebuilding.

Our focus is on providing top quality new builds as well as rebuilds/maintenance on a wide range of industrial hydraulic components, including piston head & rod assemblies, head caps, mounting parts, brackets, plates, and pins.

Alongside our ability to machine custom cylinders, we can rebuild, refit, refurbish, recondition, and retrofit your existing hydraulic cylinders. Our machine shop is outfitted to tackle almost any challenge our customers can throw at us.

Hydraulic Testing

We’re committed to quality control. XTENDED will ensure that all our work — from new builds to refits/rebuilds — meets the highest standard of operating functionality.

Our shop is equipped to perform a full suite of hydraulic systems testing to make sure that each cylinder meets the precise specifications of our clients, as well as our own high levels of quality performance.

Cylinder Tube Honing

XTENDED provides advanced hydraulic cylinder tube honing services designed to provide precise, long-lasting functional surfaces with a consistent and reliable finish.

We work to high levels of precision on a range of bore diameters.

Please get in touch with us to request more information about our cylinder tube honing process and specifications.


A revolutionary retractable injection quill, engineered and patented as a replacement to manually operated systems.

The X-Quill provides a fully automated retractable quill which is specifically engineered to function at full system pressures. It incorporates remote connectivity options, providing owners and operators with the safest method possible to control and regulate the systems they manage.


  • First Hydraulically Operated Quill on the Market
  • First Automated Injection Quill on the Market
  • Built in Position Sensor
  • RFID Tagged and Enabled for Asset Management & Maintenance
  • Product will abide by Canadian Oil & Gas Standards
  • Available in both Flanged and Threaded Process Connections
  • Reduction of Carbon Footprint
  • Allows for Insertion and Extraction of Quill in Fully Pressurized Systems
  • Reduced Maintenance and Down-Time
  • Increased Safety of Operation
  • Increased Pipeline Lifespan

Custom Machining



Mazak VCN-530CVertical machining centerTravel x-axis 41”, y- axis 20”, z-axis 20”Equipped with a c-axisMax spindle speed 20,000 RPM80 tool changerRapid rate of 1654 IPMDesigned with a robust spindle to improve rigidityCapable of large parts or multiple small workpiece setups

TC26 CNC Lathe10” chuck40” between centers2 axisMax swing 19”Max RPM 4000Rapid rate of 788 IPM12 Tool turretX-axis travel 9.85”Z-axis travel 24.58”

Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 450-II M22” chuck120” between centers7” spindle boreMax spindle speed 1200 RPMLive tooling with max spindle speed of 4000 RPM and 10 HP motorRapid rate of 1181 IPMProgrammable tailstockFast indexing 12 tool turretRear mounted chuck for increased part stabilityMax swing 33”1760 ft-lbs of torque50 HPHydraulic steady rest to accommodate parts from 3.15” to 13.35”Standard tool eyeTravel x- axis 12”Travel y-axis 124”

VMC 850 Vertical Machining CenterTravel x-axis 41”, y- axis 20”, z-axis 20”Max spindle 8,000 RPM24 tool changer

Milling & Boring

Toshiba Boring Mill36” x 36” x 41” capacity

Climax BB-5000 Portable Line Boring Machine1-1/4” & 2-1/4”Bars2-3/4”-12” Locating Cones

Knee Mill8” x 30” table

Climax PM-5000 Portable Milling Machine7-1/2” – 14” cross slide travel x 72” travel x 6” vertical travel

Cutting & Threading

Hyd-Mech Band Saw14” x 18” cut

Rigid 535 Threading Machine

Sunnen Hone3” to 15” x 20’ long

& More

Kingston Manual Lathe

20” swing x 90” between centers



Xtended Hydraulics & Machine’s horizontal press is currently designed for disassembly of FLSmidth MillMAX and Warman pump barrels.


• 15-1/2”OD• 12-1/2”OD• 11-3/8”OD• 9”OD• 7-1/2”OD• 6-1/4”OD

With a maximum push force of 25 tons you can easily disassemble any pump barrel assembly

Our current horizontal press accommodates these brands and diameters but can we can adapted to any shape and size.

How the press works is you select a set of vee blocks to match the diameter of the barrel and insert them into the slot of the press frame.

You then set the pump barrel onto the vee blocks and either have the endcap bolts and bearing lock nuts removed before or after you set it in place.

The next step is to select the proper top clamp for that diameter of barrel.

Once the top clamp has been set in place and pinned into position you can use the power unit to remove the endcaps & bearing assemblies.

There is a bolster frame with UHMW supports for shafts to slide on during disassembly.

The hydraulic power unit can be selected to match power requirements for site specific voltages.

PhotosXtended Hydraulics & Machine Inc.

Head Office

31 Carson Cres
Emerald Park, Saskatchewan   S4L 0E6

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Robert Tebb
(306) 775-3136 robt@xtended.ca
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