Team Power Solutions

Team Power Solutions was formed by the partnership of talented individuals who have been servicing the electrical industry in areas including pulp & paper, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and commercial applications for well over a decade.

At Team Power Solutions we pride ourselves in offering our customers unparalleled service and commitment with a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources in a wide variety of applications. We are able to offer our customers solutions for anything from standard OEM equipment to custom applications.

Our people have diverse backgrounds with extensive experience in electrical engineering, maintenance, commissioning, design, instrumentation, manufacturing, training and mechanical services to name a few. We offer a complete portfolio of services that can take your project from conception to startup or any point in between.

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Our team consists of experienced and qualified engineers, technologists, designers and journeypersons specializing in power, automation, and controls. Every job is approached with Innovation, Quality and Safety (IQS) in mind. We have a proven track record providing solutions to organizations in many sectors.

Team Power Solutions offers in-house custom Manufacturing, enabling a broader spectrum of service and solutions than a conventional engineering office. TPS retains almost 27,000 sq ft of manufacturing space with experience building VFDs, MCCs, portable power sleds, electrical houses, motor starters, control panels, PLC/DCS panels, and is an approved panel shop to CSA C22.2 No. 286 and UL 508A.

TPS Service department offers on-site electrical and instrumentation services such as commissioning, start-up support, and life-cycle maintenance. TPS performs a wide variety of function testing on HV, MV, LV equipment for Electrical, Automation and Controls, and outage support for our established clients. Our Service team routinely works under restricted timelines and coordinates with site personnel to ensure all work is performed safely while delivering a top-quality product within the established timeframe. To our knowledge, Team Power Solutions is the only field service company in Western Canada that is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

In addition to our instrumentation service, TPS Automation & Controls department employs engineers and technologists with experience designing and programming systems from all major manufacturers in the market. Success has been achieved through innovative, creative thinking along with a collaborative approach to combine new and old technologies.

By merging these services into a single company, we offer a single point of contact through conceptual design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training, and life-cycle management and support.

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318 Gladstone Crescent #30
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan   S0K 1Z0

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Johannes n/a Schauss
(306) 384-5552 • (306) 715-2345
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