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Titan Clean Energy Projects began in 2008 as a project developer, intending to bring groundbreaking technologies to the marketplace. In nine years we’ve invested more than $ 5 million and created more than a dozen products across a variety of markets from soil amendments to health and beauty ingredients.
The addition of carbon in agricultural feed has enormous potential. There has been a push for consumers and regulators alike to move away from antibiotic, hormone and steroid additives in animal feed. Studies have shown that carbon can have a positive impact on the overall health of an animal, and the potential Canadian market for biocarbon in animal nutrition is estimated at over $ 2 billion.
To that end we have developed a signature product, Carbon 2M . Carbon 2M has been independently tested by several Canadian universities and verified as excellent quality. With research projects underway in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Titan intends to lead the way with the introduction of carbon to the Canadian agricultural environment.
Titan has expanded its focus to the larger environmental picture by offering organics recycling services. This valuable material is often left to slowly decompose in landfills, contributing to greenhouse gasses and necessitating the ever-increasing expansion of these landfills.
Titan intends to divert as much biomass as possible from the waste stream and create valuable new products from organic matter. To that end, we accept wood waste from construction projects and break it down for carbon production as well as bulk absorbent and energy products. We also accept treated wood such as rail ties and power poles. This treated wood and waste material is separated and turned into products exclusively for the energy industry.

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We created Titan to make the world a cleaner better place, by converting wood and agricultural residues into renewable biocarbon products.  With the introduction of Carbon 2M, our animal feed supplement product is already beginning to play a role in this emerging multi-billion dollar industry.

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