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At Tremblay Electric you will find a highly experienced electrical team that is proud to serve Saskatchewan. Our ability to think outside the box allows us to create relationships unlike the rest, holding quality relationships is a key pillar in our operations. We know that great customer service keeps a project running smoothly and when we strive to be better every day, it is a win-win for everyone.

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Our well rounded leaders thrive in problem solving situations, proving to exceed expectations time after time. We believe this is important because owners and contractors deserve the experience of a project done on time and on budget.

At our core we have a driven team that specializes in the following electrical divisions:

Industrial Division – Our industrial team has a high safety rating and specializes in new construction projects and expansions in mining, energy and agriculture.

Water Division – With 20 years of experience, this trusted team specializes in quick solutions to keep community water plants running safely and smoothly.  No site is the same and no problem is the same but we are confident in supporting our clients with great results.

Commercial Division – The commercial team excels in new lighting projects and new construction projects, from blueprint to complete finish.

Residential Division – Our residential team specializes in custom home projects and is passionate about precise work and clean finishes. 


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Head Office

1620 8th Avenue PO Box 3926
Humboldt, Saskatchewan   S0K 2A0

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Stacey Tremblay
(306) 682-4513 • (306) 231-8357
Technical Capability Summary
Commercial Hub - Specialty Trade Contractors

All Other Specialty Trade Contractors Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors

Mining & Manufacturing - Mining

Automation Automation - PLC Automation - PLC Automation - Pre Engineered Automation - SCADA Automation - SCADA Automation - VFD Automation - VFD Automation VFD HMI PLC Sensors - Installation Automation VFD HMI PLC Sensors - Service Automation VFD HMI PLC Sensors - Supply Cable Glands/Termination Cable Termination and Glanding - LV/MV Cable Trays - Install Commercial and industrial - Electrical Commercial and industrial - Maintenance Commercial and industrial lighting solutions Commercial and industrial lighting solutions - Energy efficient upgrades Commercial and industrial lighting solutions - New Commercial and industrial lighting solutions - Retrofit Computer Equipment & Technology Construction mgmt - HSE Mgmt Cooling Equipment - Installation Custom Electrical Solutions - Installation Custom Electrical Solutions - Service Custom Electrical Solutions - Supply Electric Motor Electric Utility Electric Utility - Installation Electric Utility - Service Electric Utility - Supply Electrical Electrical Electrical Electrical Electrical & Cathodic Protection Electrical - Cabling & Wiring Electrical - Cabling & Wiring Electrical - Cabling & Wiring - Design Electrical - Cabling & Wiring - Installation Electrical - Cabling & Wiring - Service Electrical - Cabling & Wiring - Supply Electrical - Calcualtions Electrical - Control Narrtives Electrical - EHT Electrical - EHT Electrical - General Electrical - General Electrical - General - Design Electrical - General - Design Electrical - General - Engineering Electrical - General - Engineering Electrical - General - Installation Electrical - General - Service Electrical - General - Supply Electrical - High Voltage Electrical - High Voltage Electrical - Instrumentation Specs Electrical - Low Voltage Electrical - Low Voltage Electrical - MRQ Mgmt Electrical - Medium Voltage Electrical - Medium Voltage Electrical - Spare Parts List and Interchangeability Record (SPIR) Electrical Heat Trace Electrical Heat Trace Installation Electrical safety training – Shock – Arc Flash – Audits Emergency, Training and Safety Services Emergency, Training and Safety Services - Safety inspections Water Treatment - Waste Water Waterworks and Sewage Systems